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Welcome Alumni!  When you became an HSF Scholar, you became a member of a proud, elite family of scholarship winners. That association can provide value to you and yours over a lifetime and we want to show you how. But do you also know that this family –and every member of it – is a linchpin of our ongoing growth and success? 

It’s a fact.  You are indispensable…as a leader, role model, mentor, and supporter in ways that mean all the more to prospective scholars, simply because you are what they aspire to be. 

Please think about the impact that you can have, and let us help you put your experience with HSF to work for the next generation of scholars. Through HSF's scholarship program, community outreach and education, college retention programs, networking, and career opportunities, there is much we can do together.

How can you benefit and help?

Throughout these pages you will find tools to help you connect with fellow alumni, celebrate your achievements, and share opportunities with Hispanic youth.

  • Networking: Connect with the alumni network to meet others like you, learn new skills and advance your career.
  • Volunteering: Join us in giving more students the resources they need to succeed.
  • Fundraising: Help reach more students who need assistance to pay for college.

We are committed to help you and your fellow alumni continue creating positive change in our communities and in your own lives. Give us your feedback, so we can continue to find ways to get you involved in our HSF activities. You can keep abreast of all of our activities by simply following HSF Insider.

Together, we have the potential to give Latino students full access to the opportunities a college education can provide, so they can learn, succeed, and help lead our nation.

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