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General Questions

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Find the answers to your general questions below:

  1. Are HSF scholarships based on merit or financial need?

    HSF does not consider financial need for selection. However, financial need will be taken into consideration to determine the amount of the award.

  2. How much are HSF awards?

    HSF scholarship award amounts range from $500-$5,000, based on the student’s total financial aid package.

  3. When is the application for the HSF scholarship due?

    HSF’s scholarship application opens January 1st and is due on March 30th of every year.

  4. Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

    HSF’s scholarship application allows students to apply to multiple scholarships by submitting only one application. Applicants may be considered for multiple scholarships; however, they may receive only one HSF award.  HSF strives to make the best possible match of applicant to scholarship.

  5. What may the scholarship funds be used for?

    Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, fees, books, and other academic related supplies, as well as for room/board and transportation expenses related to school.

  6. Where does funding for the HSF scholarships come from?

    Funding comes from a variety of sources.  The majority of our funds come from corporations and foundations that support higher education for Latinos.  Some of our funds also come from individual donors. Click here to view our sponsors.

  7. Does HSF offer scholarships for K-12?

    No. HSF scholarships are awarded to high school seniors planning to enroll in a four-year college after graduation, community college transfers and students already enrolled in college or graduate school. However, HSF does provide outreach programs for middle and high school students who plan to attend college. Click here to view our outreach programs.

  8. Does HSF provide scholarships for summer school?

    No.  HSF awards are for the fall of the academic year in which you applied.




  9. Does HSF provide scholarships for study abroad?

    Yes, but HSF funds can only be applied to costs associated with study abroad if:
    • You remain enrolled in your home university;
    • The program occurs during the normal academic year; and
    • You will be receiving U.S. college credit towards your degree

    To qualify, you must submit an enrollment verification form from your (U.S.) home university (after being notified you have been selected to receive an HSF award).  Enrollment verifications from institutions abroad will not be accepted.

  10. Are scholarships renewable?

    The majority of HSF scholarships are single-year awards.  However, we encourage students to re-apply for HSF scholarships, each year, as a new applicant.

  11. What are the non-financial benefits of an HSF Scholarship?

    Non-financial benefits include a range of programs and services that will help you to excel while you’re in college, achieve a successful transition to the career of your choice, make important contacts along the way, and be part of our nationwide HSF Alumni network, and our extended HSF Family, for life. In addition, you will be entitled to list yourself as a recipient of this honor in any future applications, profiles, or forums that recognize honors and awards.

  12. Does HSF offer any internship opportunities?

    A number of our scholarship programs include an internship component; none is mandatory. For the programs that do, HSF or the scholarship donor contacts scholarship recipients with information on how to proceed with the internship process. Additionally, all HSF Scholars will have access to our very own virtual Career Center,  HSF Insider newsletter and HSF events aimed at connecting HSF Scholars with our corporate partners’ internship and employment opportunities.

  13. Does HSF verify the information applicants enter into the application?

    HSF has the discretion to enact random verification on select scholarship applications to ensure the validity of the information entered in applications. Additionally, HSF verifies all required documents.

  14. I have started an application, but did not finish; did I lose all of my information?

    No, it is all there. When you login to MyHSF, click on Scholarships Application, and you will be taken to our scholarship application system.  The application will allow you to save your work and return to it until you submit.

  15. What web browsers can I use to access the Scholarship Application?

    The Scholarship Application is most compatible with the latest version of Google Chrome. It can also be accessed using the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Safari. The scholarship application is not compatible with Internet Explorer version 9 or lower. To download the latest version of Internet Explorer please click here.

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