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Why College?

A college education is not only important because it leads to higher wages over a lifetime, it also broadens the scope of opportunities available after graduation. And this is due to more than passing courses.  In college, students have the opportunity to explore various academic and professional interests in a concentrated way – a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. College is also geared towards helping students grow into adulthood.  In college, students can experience personal growth, exercise greater freedom of choice, accept more responsibility than they have ever had before, and exercise skills they will need for life -- all under the guidance of faculty and administration, and in step with a large group of their peers.

In addition to earning more and having broader opportunities, a quick look at the backgrounds of today’s leaders shows what most of us suspect:  college graduates are more likely to attain positions of influence at the local, national and global levels.  Want to lead a city, a county, or the nation? College provides the foundation.  Are you interested in helping others?  You can have a bigger impact if you’ve gone to college.

These advantages are true for all American college graduates!  The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is devoted to making certain that Latino students are given that opportunity.  We are in the business of providing Latino students all the tools they need to apply to college, do well in their course work, graduate, enter a profession, excel, help lead our nation going forward, and mentor the generations to come.

Below, college students and graduates share some words about college.

"In this age of technology and advanced communication, the person who possesses flexibility, motivation, and communication skills, in addition to possessing the ability to see things scientifically as well as aesthetically, will emerge as a leader and will provide direction for their society. Hopefully, with your help, I will become such a person."

- Zachary Vasquez, University of Texas at Austin

"Due to my personal decision to not accept mediocrity, I want to stand out so I can serve as a role model and counselor for Hispanics who wish to excel." - Ramses Ramirez from the Georgia Institute of Technology "When a young child sees me with a degree and learns where I came from, that automatically gives them hope. It gives them hope that I was exactly in their shoes once, and in a few years, they could fill mine."

- Franklin Ochoa, University of Texas at Austin

"I feel that college is the ticket to a more opportunistic future."

- Tayisha Norat, SUNY Health Sciences Center-Brooklyn

"We live in a world of hunger, poverty, violence, and other unfortunate conditions. There exist many individuals and groups who choose to help our communities by providing food and shelter. You choose to help by giving individuals access to an education. Education can do more for a man than a hot meal and a place to stay for one night. An education gives one the power to find one's own food and build one's own shelter, the power to fight for one's rights and the rights of one's people. Not for one night, but for a whole lifetime."

- Edgar Valenzuela, California State Polytechnic University- Pomona

"Many of the younger kids I see around my neighborhood were exactly like me when I was growing up. I see the potential for greatness in many of these kids. All they need is someone to reveal to them the possibilities outside of East LA, someone to open their eyes to the greatness of an education."

- Jose Acosta, Cornell University

 "A lot of hard working, intelligent Hispanics miss out on college because of the great expense. They do not realize that there are organizations who can help them pay for college. It is important that these kids find out about these scholarships so that they can go to college. The job market is so competitive right now that a college education is vital. With scholarships like the NHSF, these kids will have a better chance."

- Celeste Santiago, Fordham University

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