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College Prep

College Life

During College

College life is an important, unique, and unforgettable time in a person's life. It is time for a student to get to know himself/herself and have the opportunity to shape his/her future in a direct way. Recongnize that your college years are your time to develop into that leader. You are the focus of your life at this time. 

For some tips on how to navigate and fully take advantage of your college experience, watch the videos on our College Life series.

Summer Orientation

Attending the Freshman Orientation at your school is important and many colleges and universities actually require this. The experience will introduce you to the campus, faculty, staff, and all aspects of a college environment.  In most cases, you will meet your college advisor during orientation.

Your First Semester

Counselors can offer advice and guidance, but different approaches work for different students for different reasons. There is no magic formula for success at college. The students who seem to do the best at college have clear academic and personal goals. This takes a lot of self-knowledge and self-discipline. Try to avoid the many distractions of a typical college campus..

The challenge of college work may be a surprise for some. Students who were able to cruise through high school might find they need to develop study skills for the first time. Don't be afraid to ask for help. All colleges and universities offer different types of support services.

Dorms & Roomates 

Many freshman begin college by living in a dorm where they are assigned a roommate. For many students, the experience will be a challenge. Consider sitting down early with your roommate to outline your expectations from each other and establish some ground rules. Remain flexible. Although most roomates get along fine in the beginning, this may change. The best approach is discuss issues up front. 


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