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HSF Corporate Partner

FedEx Corporation

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The idea for the overnight delivery service that would eventually become FedEx, found its first expression in a term paper, written by FedEx founder Fred Smith, while he was still an undergraduate student at Yale. He received only an average grade for the assignment, but today, FedEx is one of the world's largest express transportation companies, with annual revenues over $69.2 billion, and more than 600,000 team members covering 220 countries around the world.

Its social responsibility efforts, operated through FedEx Cares, employ the tools and services that underlie its core business—delivering thousands of shipments in relief aid to regions in crisis, or suffering in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters. Additionally, FedEx works in tandem with the EMBARQ program at the World Resources Institute, to design sustainable transportation projects that aim to reduce pollution and congestion. The company also gives back to the communities it serves through volunteer efforts of its team members.

FedEx began its partnership with the Hispanic Scholarship Fund in 2002, and has since provided generous support for scholarships and a range of HSF programs. In 2020, and 2021, FedEx was a local Presenting Sponsor of HSF’s College 101 programs. College 101 is a free, bilingual, two-hour program normally held in cities throughout the US, that provides valuable information to high school students and their parents about how best to prepare, plan, and pay for college. The past year’s programs were transitioned to virtual platforms.

In addition to partnering with HSF, FedEx works extensively with other organizations dedicated to diversity and inclusion, including the American Indian College Fund, National Civil Rights Museum, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) , and many others.