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HSF Students

Jacob Fanshaw

  • Gender: Male
  • High School: El Rancho High School
  • Hometown: Pico Rivera
  • State: California

As always, HSF has executed its commitment in ensuring that Latino students learn and utilize the necessary tools in getting to college and obtaining a college degree.

Jacob Fanshaw, an El Rancho High School student in Pico Rivera, first heard about HSF from his high school history teacher. Prior to Fanshaw’s involvement with the organization, he feared the college application process, because he thought college was expensive. HSF has shown Fanshaw that as long as students have a desire to attend college, there should be no worry that their financial needs won’t be met. “HSF really opened my eyes to the application process for college. Furthermore, it also showed me that lack of finances is no reason not to go to college.” 

Through HSF, Fanshaw has had the opportunity to meet an array of people and engage in the college experience at Loyola Marymount University as a high school student seeking higher education options. Fanshaw’s future goals are to graduate in the top 10 percentile of his high school graduating class, attend a private, four-year university and graduate with honors. After high school, he intends to hold a political office position and be a servant to his community.