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HSF Scholars

Aurora Alaniz

  • Gender: Female
  • Major: Biology
  • University: The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Hometown: Laredo
  • State: Texas

Ms. Alaniz was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, the middle child of three. Her parents both grew up in Laredo, Texas. Her father works in construction and her mother, as a teacher for the Laredo United Independent School District.

She says that they have been her greatest supporters, encouraging her to follow her dreams and accomplish her goals. “I try my best to apply the same work ethic that my parents have, to all my endeavors, and do the best that I can,” she said.

She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry at the University of Texas, Pan American. As the first in her family to leave home for college, she had to overcome the challenges that came with adjusting to living on her own, in a new environment. She reports that the transition is going well, and that she finds herself becoming “more independent and confident,” in the process. An HSF Scholarship has helped her cover some of the costs of her education.

She was also one of the top 99 Scholars in HSF’s 2015 Scholarship class invited to attend the Fund’s first National Leadership Conference (NLC) last summer. NLC is an annual event that provides the top HSF Scholars in the current class an inside track to academic and professional excellence, through a combination of mentoring, professional insights, and career guidance.

Ms. Alaniz said she is proud to be a member of the inaugural NLC class and adds that the experience had a significant impact.  “During this conference, I heard many inspiring and motivational presentations and anecdotes that have encouraged me to aspire for excellence, work hard, and make a difference,” she said.

Her goal is to attend the University of Texas at Austin, College of Pharmacy, and graduate as a Doctor of Pharmacy. After that, she would like to return to her hometown and start her own pharmacy. She is on her way, having recently completed her first year of the University of Texas at Austin-University of Texas Pan American, Cooperative Pharmacy Program. In addition, she is an active member and newly inducted officer of the Pre-Pharmacy Association at her campus, and interns at an independent retail pharmacy in Laredo.

Her advice for students who are preparing to attend college: “You can do it! Sometimes, you may need some motivation and support, and that is where family, friends, and organizations, such as the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, come in…. Just remember to try your best and seek help when you need it.”