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HSF Staff

James Beverley

  • Gender: Male
  • University: University of Missouri
  • Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration
  • Undergraduate Degree: Marketing
  • Hometown: Dallas
  • State: Texas
  • Organization: Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Position Title: Senior Manager, Career Services

James Beverley was born in Dallas, Texas and then spent most of his childhood in Missouri. His father was also born in Texas, and his mother is from Southern Louisiana. Although neither of his parents are bilingual, they pushed each of their two children to pursue a foreign language. As a result, he was exposed to Spanish from an early age, and says his proficiency “grew tremendously,” during a semester abroad in Valparaiso, Chile.

He recalls that when he started his journey toward a college degree, he wasn’t sure where he should focus his energies, what to major in, and what opportunities to pursue. He says his grandfather was his “greatest influencer,” in terms of sorting out his priorities. After emigrating alone, from Scotland to the US, at age eighteen, his grandfather enlisted in the military and then served in the Korean War, without ever losing sight of his goal to complete his education, as the basis for a stable life. Despite financial difficulties, he eventually earned a GED, and then attended The University of Texas, Austin.

James followed suit, attending the University of Missouri, where he graduated with two degrees: a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations.

Now a senior manager in the Career Services Group at the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, he says he has “aligned [his] business and recruiting experience with [his] passion for helping students pursue the dream of higher education.” He adds that he is inspired daily by the students he meets, and the team he works with at HSF.

He is also pleased to play a role in HSF’s longer-term and broader impact. “The United States needs leaders from diverse backgrounds,” he says, “women and men who are empathetic, educated, and driven. HSF helps thousands of these very people pursue their dreams, thereby playing an integral role in the development of this country.”

Looking back on the challenges he faced while making his own career choices, he advises students on a college track “to begin exploring what degrees lead to which careers, and what those careers provide in terms of work opportunities, primary responsibilities, and growth potential.” He adds, “I applied a pragmatic approach, and my discipline and degree have afforded me a rewarding career that also leaves my mind free to explore other creative outlets.”