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HSF Scholars

Vereniz Campos

  • Gender: Female
  • Major: Legal Studies
  • University: University of California - Berkeley
  • Hometown: Fairfield
  • State: California

Born and raised in Fairfield, California, Ms. Campos has two siblings, an older and a younger brother. Her parents, who are from Mexico, lacked the opportunity for higher education and work on a production line.

As the daughter of hard-working immigrants, she viewed college as a necessity—a way to thank her parents and also an opportunity to serve as a positive role model for her older brother, who had gotten into some trouble.

“Attending college became my way of demonstrating to him that there were better options. Despite the economic disadvantages and social barriers we faced, I wanted to prove to him and to myself that it was possible. Ultimately, I aim to propel my family forward and inspire... younger family members.”

Despite her determination, she has wrestled with doubts, as a first-generation college student. “I have always struggled with imposter syndrome,” she explains. “Even when I was accepted into UC Berkeley, my first thought was, what if they made a mistake? Throughout my time in college I’ve learned that it is equally important to internally process my successes and not just my failures.”

Having just graduated from Berkeley with a Legal Studies major, she is grateful for the many ways her HSF Scholarship has delivered value. “It has allowed me to focus some energy on my professional development, leadership, and perhaps most importantly, self-care.”

Also the recipient of a Gilman Scholarship that paid for her to study abroad, she adds: “My scholarships have really impacted my journey as a college student and have, in an indirect way, allowed me to accomplish things that I once thought weren’t possible.”

Ms. Campos has been an active leader on campus and attended a number of leadership conferences. In addition, last October, she was one of 114 Scholars invited to attend HSF’s annual Finance Conference, an event that exposes interested HSF Scholars to career opportunities in finance, including commercial banking, investment banking, asset management, private equity, and other finance-related fields.

She is interested in the field of Business and aspires to work in risk management in the short term, and then to earn an MBA, to support her long-term career endeavors.

She advises students preparing for college to “BELIEVE in yourself! Don't let fears and uncertainties hold you back. I began my college career doubting myself, thinking, ‘Maybe they made a mistake by admitting me, there's no way I will be able to keep up.’ For me, college has been about overcoming barriers, and the toughest barriers have been the ones that I unknowingly placed on myself. So, don't let the idea of an unfamiliar journey hold you back. Instead allow yourself the confidence to accomplish the unaccomplishable.”