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HSF Students

Jabes Gallardo

  • Gender: Male
  • High School: Rembrandt Secondary - Vanguard Academy
  • Hometown: Pharr, TX

Jabes Gallardo says he is inspired to pursue a higher education by the example of his father, who completed a Master’s of Accountancy while working full-time to support their family. He is also motivated by like-minded, college-bound peers, who have encouraged him to take college-level courses, be involved in his community, and take on leadership roles.

During his high school career, he shares that, at times, he encountered moments where he questioned his ability to achieve academic success and pursue his high ambitions. Determined to succeed, however, he has remained focused on his studies and his community, which he says has helped him overcome challenges, as he strives toward the future he sees for himself.

He is currently a senior at Vanguard Academy – Rembrandt Secondary, where he has held leadership roles in a number of education-focused organizations, including DECA (formerly Distributive Education Clubs of America), Educators Rising, and Rio Grande Valley Lead, an organization bringing employers and educators together to help students set and achieve college and career goals.

An honor roll student, he has received awards and accolades for the various competitions he has entered. This includes his participation in the Educators Rising National Qualifier at the state level, where he represented Texas as the 2018-19 DECA State Competition Finalist. He also participated in the SkillsUSA State Qualifier, and the University Interscholastic League Calculator Applications State Championship, where he placed eleventh. Additionally, he is a Questbridge Prep Scholar, and was invited to participate in the National Hispanic Recognition Program.

After high school, he plans to study Business, with additional aspirations to become a financial advisor and start his own LLC.

In July, Jabes was one of 200 top students who were invited to attend the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s 2019 Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) at the University of Southern California. YLI is a four-day, overnight program that gives outstanding Latino rising high school seniors the practical tools they need to set a course for success in college and career.

“Being a part of the HSF network means having a series of doors open,” he says, adding that the organization has helped shape his future, not only by surrounding him with peers who have “high ambitions,” but also by providing him with professional networking opportunities to help him with scholarships, internships, and job opportunities.

For those students who are considering college, he offers a number of practical strategies for accomplishing their goals. This includes planning ahead and looking for universities and programs that fit well with their desired career objectives, and then making a check list of activities and goals, “such as particular AP Exams or summer programs,” intended to strengthen their applications for those specific institutions.