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HSF Scholars

Lumari Perez

  • Gender: Female
  • Major: Finance
  • University: Purdue University
  • Hometown: New Braunfels, Texas

Lumari Perez credits her parents with setting expectations for higher education. Both have graduate degrees in Linguistics. She adds, “I also have always been extremely self-motivated and had the opportunity to get an exemplary education while growing up. I did not want to let that time and effort go to waste by not taking advantage of the opportunity to go to college.”

She grew up in Texas and indicates that the prospect of going to college—particularly out of state—presented major challenges, financially. But she worked hard to earn scholarships, and feels that whatever sacrifices she’s had to make, have been well worth it. “I know without help, I most likely would not have been able to attend my dream school,” she said.

Today, she is a sophomore at Purdue University, where she majors in Finance with a concentration in Management Information Systems, and minors in Spanish. Also engaging in campus leadership roles, she is Vice President of the Latinx Student Union and the Director of Presentations and Interviews for the career fairs organized by the Krannert School of Management at Purdue. In addition, she is a member of the Society of Minority Managers and has also participated in the Aprendiendo a Leer program, which sends Spanish-speaking college students to local elementary schools, to teach students to read and write in Spanish.

After graduation, she plans to work in the corporate world before going to law school. Her long-range goal is to become a civil rights attorney.

She is a recipient of the Jane Brock-Wilson Women in Management Scholarship, Cecil and Mabel Hamman Scholarship, and Purdue’s Presidential Scholarship.

In October 2019, she was one of 100 Scholars invited to attend HSF’s annual Finance Conference, which exposes HSF Scholars interested in the field, to specialized industry knowledge and career opportunities in finance, including commercial banking, investment banking, asset management, private equity, and other finance-related fields. She calls the HSF experience empowering and reaffirming of the path she is carving for herself. “I am extremely proud of my Hispanic heritage, and I love that I get to be a part of a group of influential and driven Hispanics from all over the country,” she says.

She encourages students considering college to embrace the developmental opportunities, as well as the educational ones, that present themselves along the way. She notes that one of the most important ways she’s grown, thus far, is having improved her time management skills. She hopes students who see her story will adapt a can-do attitude, no matter what the challenges. “You will go through a lot in college,” she said, “but you have to stay true to yourself and remember your values... You just have to be flexible and adaptable…doing what is best for you, according to what you need at the time.”