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Arconic Foundation

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Arconic Inc. began as the Pittsburg Reduction Company in 1888, a company co-founded by Charles Martin Hall—the nineteenth century pioneer of the modern aluminum production process. The company would become the Aluminum Company of America in 1907. The acronym “Alcoa” was coined in 1910 and adopted as the official company name, Alcoa, Inc., in 1999.

When the company spun off Alcoa Corporation as a separate entity, in 2016, it changed its own name to Arconic Inc., positioning itself as a leading global provider of high-performance materials and engineered products to the aerospace, automotive, and other growth industries. Since its inception, Arconic has produced aerospace engines, aluminum-lithium components for American automakers, hurricane-resistant entrances, architectural design, and multi-material structures for aircraft, among many other aluminum-based products. 

In 2016, Arconic Inc. established Arconic Foundation as its independently endowed philanthropic arm, to make STEM education opportunities available to all students. The foundation supports this effort through a partnership with Discovery Center, and the 2018 launch of Manufacture Your Future, a platform that provides third- and twelfth-grade educators, administrators, school counselors, and families with lesson plans, self-paced STEM modules, and career resources.

The Foundation has also awarded grants to training institutions in the US and Europe through its Advanced Manufacturing Education Grant Program. In addition, the foundation supports employee volunteerism in their respective, local communities.

Arconic Foundation has partnered with HSF by contributing funding for HSF Scholarships, Scholar Support Services, and Scholarship-related fees. The HSF Scholarship is a merit-based award, designed to aid students of Hispanic heritage in their pursuit of a college degree. Scholarship recipients and additional students selected as HSF Scholars are also offered a range of Scholar Support Services that include career coaching, internship and full-time employment opportunities, mentoring, leadership development, and wellness resources, such as tools for self-advocacy, financial literacy, well-being, and knowledge building.