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HSF Scholars

Kaitlyn Jauregui

  • Gender: Female
  • Major: Business Administration
  • University: Emory University
  • Hometown: Miami
  • State: Florida

What extracurriculars are you involved in?

Recognizing, Empowering, and Affirming Latinas (REAL) marketing director, La Amistad tutor, vice president of communications Goizueta Energy & Environment Group, Peer Health Partner, Pi Beta Phi fraternity

What achievements, recognition, and/or awards have you received?

Florida Project Citizen Champion, Conference of Parties delegate

Biggest hurdle you’ve overcome?

Understanding my little sister’s autism and how it affects her world. It pushes me to succeed and become a voice of justice to create a better future for everyone.

What are your plans for the future?

Become a state or federal judge.

How has HSF helped you?

HSF has introduced me to so many inspirational people. Everyone has their own story and continues to beat the status quo. With the support of my peers and mentors I have boosted my confidence in professional settings. I have the right to be in the classroom of a prestigious university, just like every other student there.

What HSF Events have you attended?

2020 Entrepreneurship Summit