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HSF Staff

Chelsea Shaut

  • Gender: Female
  • University: James Madison University
  • Undergraduate Degree: Kinesiology
  • Undergraduate Degree: Business
  • Hometown: Glen Echo
  • State: Maryland
  • Organization: Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Title: Senior Manager, Program and Event Fundraising

Chelsea explains that her mother, whose family served in the US Navy, lived in Guam for a time, and then Cuba. But they had to be evacuated from Cuba during the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, when her mother was 13. They settled in Maryland, where Chelsea was subsequently born and raised. Chelsea’s father grew up in Clinton, New York.

Both of Chelsea’s parents attended college, and her two older brothers hold bachelor’s degrees from Arizona State University and Clemson University, respectively. She says that being surrounded by what she describes as “inspiring people and factors,” motivated her to pursue and complete her higher education. She is the first woman in her family to have earned a bachelor’s degree.

She attended James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where she majored in physical therapy and then switched to Kinesiology, with a minor in Business. After graduating, she worked in recreational therapy to help children, adults, athletes, and the elderly with their physical health, recovery, and well-being, while cultivating and expanding her company’s patient base. She also served as an assistant coach to the girls’ varsity lacrosse team at her former high school. She then transitioned into sales positions, in both the real estate and technology industries. Prior to joining HSF, she worked with an autonomous-mobile-robotics company, spearheading its business development.

Today, Chelsea serves as HSF’s Senior Manager of Program and Event Fundraising. She says that just prior to joining HSF, she had been “in search of a sales-minded position in an organization that also had an altruistic aspect to it.” HSF has given her that opportunity. She also expresses enthusiasm for the positive impact HSF is having on the next generation of leaders:

“HSF is contributing to the future of this country by providing a tried-and-true way to help fill financial gaps for students and families, so a greater number of qualified and motivated young leaders in the Hispanic community have the opportunity to pursue and complete a higher education. Additionally, by partnering with organizations, we are providing a connecting point for top companies and organizations to network with HSF’s rising Scholars, and vice-versa.”

Her advice to students considering a college track is to look at the bigger picture and make well-rounded, informed decisions about where to study. She also recommends using all available resources, at school, in the community, and through networking. She further stresses the importance of finding the right mentor, especially in the same field of interest. “A mentor in a related field can be pivotal in providing the guidance and support you need, as you navigate your journey through higher education and transition into your post-grad job hunt.”