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HSF Corporate Partner

The Procter & Gamble Company

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The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) was established in 1837, as a “small family-run candle and soap business,” and has since expanded to provide a wide array of consumer products for over five billion customers, across the globe. Headquartered in Cincinnati, the company has created iconic brands such as Dawn, Tide, and Gillette, and has repeatedly been named one of America’s best corporate citizens by Forbes.  

In conjunction with its business operations, P&G supports corporate social responsibility initiatives around the world, focused on three major areas: community impact (which includes disaster relief), environmental sustainability, and diversity and inclusion.

Recently, P&G leveraged its media and advertising platforms to fight gender bias and encourage diversity and inclusion, with the aim of “changing mindsets and creating new expectations,” by launching ads on the internet. The #WeSeeEqual, #SeeHer, #MakeItFair, #ShareTheLoad, #LikeAGirl, and #TheBestMenCanBe campaigns were viewed by over 65 million people, worldwide.

P&G has partnered with HSF since 1986, helping fund scholarships and supporting a variety of HSF programs. P&G has also enhanced its partnership through a seat on HSF’s board of directors.