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HSF Staff

Vickie Hardy

  • Gender: Female
  • University: University of Vermont
  • Undergraduate Degree: Business Administration
  • University: Loyola Marymount University
  • Graduate Degree: MBA
  • Hometown: Richmond
  • State: Vermont
  • Organization: Hispanic Scholarship Fund
  • Position Title: Chief Financial Officer

Vickie Hardy was born and raised in the small town of Richmond, Vermont, along with her younger sister. Her father, a Navy veteran, worked for a multinational technology and consulting firm for over 30 years, and her mother ran a home-based bookkeeping service. Though neither had a chance to finish college, they encouraged their daughters to do so.

When the time came to consider the practical realities of higher education, however, Vickie faced some challenges. As a first-generation college student, she had little guidance on “course work, internships, mentors, or a career path,” she explains. Nevertheless, she forged ahead.

She attended the University of Vermont, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance. Later, a supervisor at her first job out of college inspired her to consider a graduate degree, and she then decided to enroll at Loyola Marymount University where she completed an MBA. Her financial aid options were limited for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees, so she worked, for the duration, to cover the cost.

Today, as chief financial officer at the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, she is accountable for safeguarding HSF’s assets and long-term sustainability by planning, implementing and managing all financial activities, advising on long-term financial strategy, partnering with colleagues to support operations, and ensuring that finance staff have the tools, training, and resources needed to perform at optimum levels.

Prior to joining HSF, she accrued several years’ experience with entrepreneurial start-ups, as well as corporate finance and accounting for large, established organizations, such as Comcast Cable Communications and Paramount Pictures.

In addition, she has served as treasurer and chair of the Finance Committee for the South Central Family Health Center in Los Angeles, since 2018

When describing what brought her to HSF, she states, “I was attracted to the mission of providing resources to students and their families, so they can attend college, to build a stronger America.”

Looking back on her own experience, she advises students considering a college track to, “do whatever it takes to get your education. If it means you have to work through school, then do it.” She adds, “Don’t wait, and don’t undervalue yourself.”