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HSF Students

Jose Huerta

  • Gender: Male
  • Hometown: Whittier
  • State: California

Where do you hope to attend college?

California State University, Los Angeles

What do you plan to major in?


What extracurriculars are you involved in?

National Honor Society, marching band, Pico Rivera Park summer community lunch service volunteer, yearbook.

What achievements, recognition, and/or awards have you received?

Principal’s Honor Roll; Top 100 student; band leadership team, vice president; yearbook, co-editor.

Biggest hurdle you’ve overcome?

Freshman year of high school single-handedly was the biggest hurdle. Not only had I transferred to a new school where I did not know any familiar faces, but I joined my school’s marching band and cross country team. My days consisted of early morning runs while it was still dark outside and marching until the sun went down. Balancing both extracurricular activities, AP and honor classes, on top of the activities, was quite the challenge that I am most proud of completing and conquering!

What are your plans for the future?

In near sight, I plan on going to college and working for my master’s degree. I wish to follow in my mother’s footsteps while also carving a successful path for my younger brother and creating my own experience. I am still determined to go into the biological science field, so I would hope to be able to explore the field and conduct a multitude of experiments and explorations.

What HSF Events have you attended?

2021 (virtual) Youth Leadership Institute – The University of Chicago